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    Gallon of Salad

    Lunch break!
    It’s been a crazy day so far selling organic produce. 💃🏼🕺🏼
    I stopped to refuel and had the idea I should share my time saving salad with you. 💁🏼‍♀️
    Because our produce is so fresh when we get it, it usually lasts in the fridge for a couple weeks, sometimes even longer! 😱
    I can make a huge (gallon) salad of greens, because why not since I’ve got it all out anyway, and it will last all week! Now I just have to add the extras when I’m making a salad and voila (!!) time saved and healthy food is on the menu. ♥️
    Gallon of Salad 😉 from this week’s shipment:
    Romaine + Baby Kale + Arugula + Baby Bok Choy + Purple Cabbage
    For the toppings in my lunch:
    Microgreens + Cilantro + Chicken Breast cooked in lots of coconut oil with blackening seasoning + Feta + Drizzle ALL the healthy fat from the pan drippings on top! (coconut oil & blackening seasonings) 🥰
    And easy!

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