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Welcome to our organic produce store!

It’s simple, better and much easier than going to the grocery store, simply how often you want your box and how you want it delivered.

Each box can be customized with alternative items and add-ons.

The selection varies each week, so you never get bored and consists of 12-16 different types of ORGANIC fruits and veggies.

Minimum Purchase is $50 per order

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Here’s how it works:

It’s very simple, and actually much easier than going to the grocery store.

Choose Your Frequency

A box costs $50. You can get a box weekly, every other week or just one time. It’s up to you!

Customize Your Box

You can exchange as many items as you like, as long as your total doesn’t fall under $50.

Choose Your Add-ons

After you have finished customizing, you can add from our growing list of organic items.

Pick Your Delivery

Pick up: Sitka Thurs. 5-7pm. Delivery: Sitka $10 Alaska Sea Planes $5 Alaska Airlines $5

This Weeks Selection

We also have a nice and growing selection of items to add to your box, all organic! We are focusing more on this since the pandemic started, and we welcome ALL SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS so don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.


We Deliver Fresh to Alaska

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